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Writing Essays — Student Help 5

hello and welcome to another rightly twitterings my name’s michael Jax I’m the author of some 43:44 books and I’m running this series of videos to try to help students with their essay writing now I have been looking at different aspects of work over the last few weeks so I’ve covered some aspects of looking at essays I’ve covered some different bits of software I will be going into other software packages later but it occurred to me today that it would probably be worthwhile going back to first principles because quite a few students are going to be coming up against deadlines for essays now and so I thought okay let’s go through the process of how you actually write an essay because the sad fact is what happens all too often is that a student will be given an essay to write they’ll run off to the library sit in the library and get huge amounts of information and then try to compress all of that information into one coherent essay and it often doesn’t work but the more information you get the longer you sit there in the library getting more and more references more and more bits of information the more the library acts like a comfort blanket because while you’re there you’re working and you feel as though you’re justifying your existence but of course you’re not because you’re not writing an essay you’re sitting there gathering information and with all too many students they will sit in the library until one day before the essays due in they’ll rush home and try to form some sort of logical essay out of all the information they’ve gathered and then they get very upset when they get a B or a C when they’re looking at their report that their marks so what I thought it would be worthwhile doing was just looking at what my approach would be in terms of writing an essay this is based on my own experience as a writer for quite a few years but it’s also based on my experience at Exeter University teaching there were medical students legal law students business management students there were English students historians all types of different people but they all basically had the same issue when it came to writing essays so what is the jex approach to writing an essay yes you need to go to the library yes you need to find your references but before you do that first of all decide roughly what your essay is going to be you’ve been given a question you’ve been given something to investigate something to explore something to argue so consider that before looking up any references what is your own personal opinion about the question or the response that you should be giving when you’ve done that write out what your response is and that is an outline conclusion just put down roughly what you think would make sense in terms of responding once you’ve done that you need to have a good idea about how long it’s going to take you to work on this essay I don’t mean doing the research I mean the little things such as when you’re writing an essay yes you’ve got to do research but then you’ve got to plan out how the essay is going to work you’ve got to leave time for the writing now for me writing one and a half thousand words is easy that’s an afternoon’s work for you who are not necessarily so used to writing it could take three four days you’ve got to allocate time for editing so you’ve got to go back and make sure you spell to everything correctly make sure the grammar is right make sure that you haven’t forgotten to put in some full stops and things make sure it all flows and then when you’ve done all that you’ve edited and so on you need to read it aloud is it absolutely vital because you will miss almost every error that you’ve made when you’re just reading it on a screen if you read something on a screen you will miss over 60% of all of the issues that are there print it out because when you’ve got it on a sheet of paper we’ll see more typos but also read aloud because when you see words on a page whether it’s on the screen or on a sheet of paper in front of you no matter how care for you are you will see on the page what you thought you had written so you do miss a lot of typos but when you read it and you get your mouth moving at the same time you’ll suddenly find that you’re stumbling where there are errors you may see it and in your mind it might look perfectly correct but your mouth will slow down and stumble so it’s a strange thing but all authors know this so you need to leave time to read your whole essay aloud there’s one of the half thousand words that’s going to take you a fair bit of reading then when you’ve done that you need to go through on a final edit putting all of the corrections for the typos and so on back in and then proof check it one last time just to make sure that everything’s perfect before you give it into your tutor and when I say proof checking I mean for example if you’ve left a nickname for your tutor because you couldn’t remember what his or her name was make sure you’ve taken out the nickname and put the correct name in there please it’s the sort of thing that I’ve seen done before so with all of those aspects to be done you need to form a timeline that will leave you enough time to get all of all of the aspects finished and completed so you’re not rushing on the very last day before you have to give it in on deadline you need to allocate enough time for the research for the planning for the writing for the editing for the reading aloud final edits and proof checking so you can get all of that done at least the day before the deadline is now as I said earlier I think libraries are a bit of a comfort blanket you can sit there gathering up information for days weeks I’ve seen several students do it for weeks but you are not expected to distill the last two thousand years of learning into one one and a half thousand word essay all the tutor will expect to see from you is that you have researched diligently that you’ve got the relevant series of arguments to form your own conclusion they’re not expecting you to find absolutely everything that’s been written about the subject they want to see that you’ve got a coherent thought process and that you can logically flow the certain follow the same argument through an essay be kind to your tutors don’t try to think of the most obscure polysyllabic words which they then have to go to a dictionary to look up treat it as though you’re explaining a principle to someone who’s very much younger than yourself deal with short sentences deal with shorter words ideally keep it all simple so that someone reading through it can follow the flow quickly and easily because at the end of the day your tutor wants to get back to watching Coronation Street or listening to the artists or whatever it may be they don’t want to be spending all night trying to understand what it was that you wrote so that’s the main message I think from this video is understand all the different aspects you’ve got to do make sure you leave time to do your research yes but you need to leave good amounts of time afterwards to go and do the writing to do the editing the reading aloud the final edit the copy edit so that everything is in place without stressing yourself ready for the tutor don’t think you’ve got to get every aspects of every atom of information for the last two thousand years all you have to worry about is a logical discrete series of facts series of steps that take you through to an argument so that when you’re presenting your facts to your tutor they can see a logical flow you won’t expect to see all the history of the argument going back to the Greeks necessarily he just wants to see a logical flow that makes sense so that’s about it I hope that’s useful if it is do please hit the like button subscribe tell your friends about it share it all that good sort of stuff if you’ve got any questions please put them in at the bottom I’ll be delighted to answer and apart from that thank you very much for watching and I look forward to seeing you again soon Cheers you

5 Idioms to Use in Your IELTS TOEFL Essay

hi welcome to right to top comm I’m Adam in today’s video I’m going to give you five idioms to show dilemma or to show the two sides of a choice or an option when you have to choose between an action or a situation or even a thing when you’re talking about a thing you can show the good and the bad sides of it or if you have a choice to make good and bad consequences results etc so these idioms are very useful especially for those of you who will be taking a language test IELTS TOEFL CAE whatever and you need to write a an essay about agree or disagree topics or show the advantages and disadvantages of something these are very good idioms because they show you both sides and therefore you mix your the way you structure your essay a little bit easier as well plus idioms are very important for getting a high score on these tests the greatest want to see real English natural English but natural English uses idioms and if you can use idioms correctly and appropriately in the context you’re getting the extra points okay so let’s look at our first idiom there’s going to be five of them they’re all more or less in a similar context but different meanings the first one is a catch-22 now what is a catch-22 mean generally speaking it’s when you have two options or you want this or you want that but to get this first you need that but to get that first you need this right so the best example in the one I gave you here with a sentence is finding your first job now to get a job you need experience but to get experience you need to have a job so let’s look at this sample sentence new graduates often face a catch-22 situation when they look to enter the job market since they lack work experience many employers won’t hire them yet this rejection denies them the opportunity to gain this experience so how can you get experience if nobody will hire you how will anybody hire you if you don’t have experience so that’s a catch-22 okay lots of these examples you can use this in your essays easily to a double-edged sword now a sword of course has two edges it cuts this way it cuts this way but basically a double-edged sword means a situation or a thing that has both a positive and a negative side to it so look at the example communicating via the internet has become a double-edged sword so we’re talking about communicating through the internet good bad on the one hand it allows people to communicate quickly with anyone around the world good on the other hand it opens the door to cyber bullies and haters who can spew the negativity negativity to a large audience often anonymously so the internet most people think is a very good thing but it’s also a bad thing let’s people communicate all over the world it lets haters do what haters do right so the Internet two sides to it now I put this as 2a this is connected we can say something is a double-edged sword or something cuts both ways the meaning is essentially the same it has a negative and a positive meaning Phil chose a salary over an hourly wage knowing that this decision cuts both ways he’ll have a secure paycheck every month but he won’t be paid extra for overtime or holiday work so he wants he had a choice you can continue getting his hourly wage and every hour he works he gets paid for or he can get a set annual salary now the good thing about the salary every month he knows exactly what kind of paycheck he’s getting he can make a budget what’s bad is that if he has to work overtime or if yet he’s asked to come in on holidays he doesn’t get paid extra for those hours because he gets a salary the salary doesn’t change if he was on hourly wages he works overtime he gets more money but then during the slow period when there are fewer hours to work he gets less money so it cuts both ways now notice that in both examples for this one and double-edged sword you have to show me that contrasting link in the double-edged sword example I had on the one hand on the other hand to show the contrast here I have but right so if you have but you’re showing that you’re going to show the contrast of whatever came first if you gave the positive first but the negative if you gave the negative first but the positive make sure you show both sides now this is the problem this is the danger with using idioms if you don’t use them appropriately in your essays you’re going to lose points if you’re going to say something cuts both ways show me both ways if you’re going to say something is a double-edged sword show me both sides of that sort to make sure you’re using the idiom correctly between a rock and a hard place so this is a situation in which both or all options are bad so our rock is hard a hard place is hard so if you’re between a hard place and a hard place you have no good options okay the manager found himself between a rock and a hard place when he had to either lose a net his best salesperson or promote her and anger most of his senior staff who don’t like her so if he chooses to keep her he makes all his staff angry if he chooses to let her go he loses his best salesperson bad choice bad choice so he’s in a very difficult situation he’s in a situation between a rock and a hard place where everything is going to turn out badly then damned if you do damned if you don’t so this isn’t the same idea doesn’t matter which choice he makes the people who are responsible for him the people who judge him will damn him they’ll say bad things about him he made a bad choice either choice he makes is a bad choice and they will tell himself the manager also realized that he was damned if he did damned if he didn’t lose a net as sales would certainly drop in the short term so even if he kept her sales with job because the staff would be angry if he let her go sales would drop because she’s the best salesperson and his bosses the managers bosses supervisors will be angry with him either way he’s damned if he does there if he doesn’t but then there’s the lesser of two evils so you have bad choice bad choice so when you have two bad choices you’re going to choose the one that’s less bad if such an option exists I’m using the same scenario here so he finally this is he the manager finally decided that letting a net go would be the lesser of the two evils as an angry staff is a less productive staff and one person no matter how good can eventually be replaced so he decided okay bad situation bad situation but this one is less bad because either way I’m losing money or the company is losing money but she can eventually be replaced I’ll find another good salesperson but if I have the whole staff angry productivity goes down now the key here when you’re explaining the lesser of two evils make sure you’re you’re explaining why it’s the lesser of two don’t just say he chose this because it’s the lesser of the two evils what made it lesser what made it less bad than the other option if you don’t explain that then you really haven’t used the idiom correctly okay so there you have the five idioms the key is again make sure that you’re using them in the right context if you need to show both sides like double-edged sword cuts both ways etc make sure that you show both sides the catch-22 make sure that it’s very obviously obvious that the two options are conflicting and show how they are conflicting and damned if you do damned if you don’t again that should be pretty obvious it’s self-explanatory but make sure you explain why the lesser evil is the lesser evil now if you have any questions about any of these idioms please come to my Facebook page or Twitter or Instagram or go to my website right to top com ask your questions of course you can ask them below here at YouTube if you like this video please subscribe to my youtube channel there will be plenty of more plenty more videos to come and if you liked it please give me a thumbs up and I’ll see you again very soon bye bye

How to Write in APA Style

hi my name is Tamara from servicescape comm and on this episode we’ll discuss how to write and format a paper in APA style or American Psychological Association style we’ll discuss what APA style is and why we use it what your paper should look like from fonts to margins to line spacing and then we’ll explore the finer details like in-text citations and formatting your title abstract and references page by the end of this tutorial we should be able to confidently write an APA style paper using correct formatting and citations now let’s begin our lesson in APA style APA style is most commonly used in scientific writing and social sciences writing in subjects like criminology anthropology and psychology in 1929 a group of psychologists anthropologists and scientists got together and decided that they should write down style rules for scientific writing so that readers could better understand what they were trying to say from these rules APA style was born it’s no secret that many writers struggle with minut details of writing / style guide such as APA MLA or Chicago Manual of style they may often wonder why it matters that things are formatted just so the reason why it’s so important to get the formatting and citation Styles correct is so that the writer can build a rapport with the reader if you are presenting facts especially if they are controversial facts then it’s important to establish a sense of credibility with the reader so that they are more likely to trust the information that is presented for example if your research about voting patterns among women between the ages of 18 and 25 has resulted in some new findings but you chose to use a font that’s difficult to read and your in-text citations are incomplete so that the reader can’t check where your facts are coming from they’re not going to be convinced of all the facts that you’re writing about this isn’t the desired result for you as the researcher so it’s crucial to get these small details right before you begin writing the body of your paper you should make sure that your paper is formatted correctly in APA style you should always write on a standard eight-and-a-half by 11 page using 12-point font double spaced with one-inch margins on all sides use an easily readable font APA recommends using the standard Times New Roman font you should also have a running header on your paper this consists of your paper title in all caps which is flush left and the page number which is flush right the paper title in the running header should not be longer than 50 characters including punctuation and spaces for all APA papers you should have four sections a title page an abstract a main body and references abbreviations are one of the trickier punctuation rules because they change depending on what style of writing you’re doing because APA style was written with highly technical documents in mind the abbreviation rules are very important to pay attention to in APA style it’s best to only use abbreviations when it will lend to the readers understanding if you have too many abbreviations the text will read more like code which isn’t useful when you’re trying to decipher complicated subject matter always spell out the abbreviation on first reference and then follow with the abbreviated spelling in parentheses there are exceptions of course in the cases of well-known abbreviations such as PhD or DNA there’s also no need to spell out standard measuring units like foot or pound generally do not put periods in between letters of abbreviations unless abbreviating US or UK or if it is a Latin abbreviation such as eg ie or etc presenting data is one of the hallmarks of APA style whether you’re writing for the Social Sciences or the hard sciences it’s likely that you will be introducing some sort of data set within your paper at one point because of this it’s important that you know the correct way to present it per APA style rules charts and figures must be between two and three point to five inches wide if one column and be between four point two five and six point eight seven five inches wide if two columns all text within charts and figures should be in sans-serif font meaning that you would have to choose a font like hell medaka area or Geneva the font size must be between eight and fourteen point so that the audience can easily read the text you must also caption any figures within your paper the caption consists of a figure number and a short sentence explaining what the figure is and how it relates though having charts and graphs within your paper is a great tool for your readers you need to discern with great care whether or not the chart or figure is applicable and would lend to the readers understanding in other words don’t just have a chart for the sake of having a chart now we’ll move on to the formatting of the title page the title page is the first page of your paper it should have your running header at the top and then centered in the upper half of the page should be your paper title the author’s name and the institution’s name listed in title caps try to keep your title as concise as you can it’s best to not have it go over 12 words or two lines if you can help it your title page should not include any abbreviations unless it is absolutely necessary for length reasons it is always best to spell out all words within a title after your title page is the abstract which is one of the most important pieces of an APA paper the abstract is on its own separate page before the main body of the paper it summarizes in one paragraph what your papers purpose is the main points in the text what methods you used and any conclusions you came to because you have to be so sick synced in writing the abstract it’s recommended that you wait until you have the rest of your paper written to complete it as far as formatting goes the word abstract will be centered at the top of the page and the actual abstract paragraph written out below in double-spaced lines and 12-point font if you choose to list any key words from your paper start a new line and type the word keywords in italics followed by a colon the keywords are listed afterward but are not italicized as you write the main body of your paper you will undoubtedly be citing a lot of sources to back up claims that you make when you are citing or quoting something from a journal newspaper magazine or book then you need to format it appropriately APA uses the format of author or author’s last name seems followed by the year of publication in all in-text citations there are specific rules depending on how many authors wrote the original source if you are citing or quoting something with two authors use both of their names with every signal phrase or citation if you are citing or quoting something with three to five authors list all authors in the first reference but write the first author’s name and then add out in subsequent references if you are citing or quoting something with six authors write the first author’s name and then add out in all references if your author is unknown use the title of the source followed by the year once you have written the entirety of your paper you’ll need to make a reference page so that readers can learn more about your sources and verify your information if needed there are some basic formatting rules you’ll need to follow for your reference page the word references should be centered at the top without bold italics or underlining reference lists should be alphabetized by the last name of the first author in every entry after the first line of every entry there should be a half-inch indent for readability periodical names and book titles should be italicized lastly use a DOI or a digital object identifier in reference instead of a URL whenever possible as URLs can change easily as you can see there are a lot of rules and formatting issues to pay attention to when writing a paper in APA style if you have any questions on the specifics of APA style be sure to refer to the publication manual of the American Psychological Association 6th edition this manual contains everything you will need to know about APA style and formatting these formatting and citation rules are crucial so that the reader has trust in the writer and researchers work thank you for watching I hope this short tutorial helps you to write a properly formatted APA style paper with confidence subscribe to our channel to get updates on new videos and check out service scape com for your freelance editing and writing needs

How to write the perfect piece of descriptive writing

How to write the perfect piece of descriptive writing

hello everyone and welcome to the English teacher’s guide to how to write the perfect piece of descriptive writing which is useful for your eye GCC’s the new GCSEs or is generally anyone that wants to rap is descriptive writing extremely well so the scripts of writing in terms of perfect mark criteria if you’re going to achieve the perfect piece of work this is what you need to do always remember to plan your ideas that’s really important i’m going to show you how to do that in a moment need to make sure your piece matches the purpose so you might be asked to write for a particular genre horror thriller action that sort of thing and to make sure your work encompasses that make sure your piece looks like the piece of writing you should do sir example if we’re talking about any kind of language paper there’s a letter and it’s like a letter etc etc use of rice different sentence types for effect obviously as well make sure you’re using a variety of different sentence starters utilize a variety of complex punctuation again make sure you use net to create intended effect so for instance the use of exclamation mark a very simple sense kinshaya anger can show frustration ? San Jose idea of uncertainty there’s more to it than that but you get the idea consider your formality make sure using different lengths of paragraphs are particularly descriptive writing or narrative writing which is creative writing that one sentence paragraph always works really well so say for example looking to produce a piece where something’s alone you might have a single sentence paragraph which says something like there was no one to help me spill oil complex words correctly but don’t forget to get the basics right first and it’s always better to spell the complex words wrong than to simply use simple vocabulary and get that right wart on you get lower marks doing it that way make sure the whole text structure defective again will show you how to that in a moment create the pieces interesting now if it significant amount piece for your exam there’s hundreds and hundreds of pieces that exam has the mark you need to make your peace stand out and finally instrumental exams are all about just showing off really this is your chance to show what you can do so if you’re given a football and all you do is trap the ball does matter how good you actually are if that’s the first time something you play football they’re not going to think you’re amazing if you do all your tricks skills people going to figure credible that’s exactly what you need to be thinking about in terms of your exam mindset as well I think it’s also important this point to distinguish between descriptive writing and narrative writing on creative writing descriptive writing which going to look at the moment is describing scene and things going on in the scene you almost want to imagine it to be a moving image but in a certain amount of time right and the narrative piece is basically a story beginning middle and end but had I planned how do i create the piece of descriptive writing so one if it’s an exam you always read a question carefully making sure to unlearn the key parts then what you need to do is identify so you’ll have an image normally or you want to create an image in your own mind you’ve some people might even sketchier quit gym it quick image on a piece of paper they will identify five six maybe seven aspects woman’s you wish to describe this should be able to be a mixture of a larger aspects the image the whole scene for instance or a whole person then you also want to zoom in so what you might do is you might zoom in on the hands on a character’s arm the individual blades of grass in the field and then for each aspect now down some vocab you could use in order to describe that image but consider what kind of atmosphere you will create so if you wanted to create a negative feel your vocabulary should obviously support that image then place the elements in the order you want to write them about now in terms that whole text structure is an excellent idea to turn the end to image you begin with and then when you’re answering use all the perfect mark skills we were talking about and hopefully once you’ve proved for it it should do exactly what we’re saying it should which should be a perfect Peter descriptive writing now my plan you can see here this would be an image and you can see what I’ve done I’ve numbered up the different essentially the order in which i’m going to use them in you can see number one is also number nine because i’m going to go back to that same image then you might I have nine but I planned nine so that obviously I’ve got everything covered you can see here clearly as you go around the image I’ve identified what I’m going to describe and then I’ve got some of our courage to go along with it and that’s exactly what you do and that’s it that’s it what I might do is I might note down things I forget to do to get perfect marks so might forget to use different sentence starters or anything like that but it’s you understanding you in your work so was it like as an answer it was a glorious day the calm waters lapped gently against the peaceful shoreline whilst pleasant seagulls bobbed in the tranquil waves as other seabirds sword on a warm air that caressed their majestic wings so a lovely positive image on land next image this Pleasant theme continued the tree shifted lightly in the breeze creating a soothing noise which was pleasant to the ear colorful flowers added to this utopian feeling by releasing gorgeous scents which filled the nostrils with the smells of delightful summer sitting within this image people set and socialized some leyland receive all gazing up at the fluffy white clouds trying to establish whether they saw a smiling face or a small puppy although it didn’t really matter I was relaxing at cafe chairs sipping delightfully from their fresh mugs the warm coffee is entered their being revitalized as Sun beatin skin off their successful journey on their bike although arrived separately the nature a day created a feeling of camaraderie which would cause them to begin discussing how lucky they were to be sitting in this place and enjoying the world around them they all agree that would rather be here than anywhere else in the world right now indeed if you took the time to lift your head from your reverie you would notice every single face has etched quite a joy etched across it so again notice this isn’t a story as such it’s just a moment in time being described away from the picturesque moment in time the sounds are passing vehicles along a brooklyn bridge actually seem to add to the blissful day as the soft rumblings of commuters mirrored the soft rumblings of the waves against the seawall now again i can very easily be turned into a negative inch but notice how it’s been written in a way to make it seem pleasant the bridges appearance rather than disturbing the view that nature created almost sooner from a beautiful link between man who called New York home and nature the original owner of the terrain this was proof that man and nature could live happily together but all good things come to an end there’s that single sentence paragraph whilst trying to ascertain whether they the cloud look like at his old pet dog and who would prove even full of warmth for the environment notice it is a fluffy white cloud had now become dark sinister twist it snows my atmosphere changing now he also noticed that the gorgeous mother polym had been replaced by the summit of death and despair he also noticed the soothing sounds of the waves have been overcome by the terrifying sounds of screaming anguish and desperate individuals at that moment all the expressions on the faces of the folks sitting outside the cafe changed from a Lacson content to control expressions of fear and confusion as I followed the trail of ash that forced the seabirds to merely evacuate their once imperial city now seemed like a sealant disaster movie they felt helpless they felt useless and also thought shamefully lucky of being on the safer side of the bridge if they are on the other side of the bridge they would have been engulfed by the harmful smoke the screaming of emergency sirens which could do little to hold back a tired of death and destruction all around with people trying to contact loved ones trying to tell them they were sorry for arguing after espoused to take from the last dessert from the freezer trying to tell their children and they had to go away for a while and some were trying to contact God and plead for forgiveness the sources destruction we should hit the city like a hammer hitting a glass window was a single passenger plane which was due to take groups of happy families to holiday destinations they had longed to see cruelly the hijacker who believed was earning himself a place in heaven by murdering innocent people at announced over the plane speakers will shortly be arriving at our destination we hope you’ve enjoyed your time on earth after hours of this continuing chaos after hundreds of bodies of fallen said deaths and after billions of tears had been shed the sounds of murder became silent what could be heard was the gentle waves lapping against the sea wall or sea gulls Bob slowly up and down in the water proof read our work and that’s it so thank you very much try out yourself and please feel free to send me some more examples of your works I’d love to see what you’re doing thanks very much good luck

Ace the AP English Literature Exam: Essay Hooks

Ace the AP English Literature Exam: Essay Hooks

hello welcome back to my channel my name is Carly Stevens I’m the author of the young adult fantasy novel Furion Rising and this is English nerd so last year when I posted my AP how to ace the AP exam videos about multiple-choice and the poetry and prose essays and the open question essay you guys asked me a lot of questions about how to write an effective hook and so that’s what this video is all about I wanted to give you five different ways methods to begin your essay effectively these are not the five only ways to begin your essay anything that really gets you started if you’re stuck is good enough but here are five ways that I found to write some sanaa C openings so these are geared toward an open question essay but they can be applied to any of the three types of essays on the AP literature exam so I’ve written everything down in this journal because apparently I’m super old-school and don’t have something electronic in front of me the prompt that I’m going to be working with is this just to kind of Center us on one idea and then create a few prompts from that the prompt is going to be this in some novels and plays certain parallel or recurring events proved to be significant in an essay describe the major similarities and differences in a sequence of parallel or recurring events in a novel or play and discuss the significance of such events do not merely summarize the plot okay so most of these prompts are really vague or really boring I mean this one literally says tell us about the similarities and differences everything in the known universe has similarities and differences it’s your job to make this interesting and specific so tip number one as far as beginning your essay you can begin with the thesis statement so essentially the argument that you’re going to make a lot of people are not able to gather their thoughts fast enough to start off with their first sentence as their thesis statement but if you are one of the lucky few or you have this great brain wave as you’re sitting the AP exam your thesis statement opening might sound something like this I’m going to use Macbeth as an example thunder and lightning uh sure in the witches and Shakespeare’s Macbeth through increasingly sinister scenes the witches guide Macbeth to destruction and the audience to an understanding that every person regardless of environment controls his own choices so that is what I came up with this morning that is a possible thesis statement that outlines your entire argument that you’ll be making through the essay now let’s say that you are not lucky enough to be able to figure out exactly what your thesis statement is right off the bat but instead you kind of have to find it and you’ll put that statement at the end instead what’s another way that you can start off that is really effective tip number two is to use a striking image in this case I’m going to use the Great Gatsby the eyes of dr. TJ eckleburg tower blue and piercing over George Wilson’s repair shop through yellow spectacles the monster size watch the characters from f scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby as they fall prey to their sins so you’ll notice in both of these I’ve included not only the author in the work which is something you should do right up front it doesn’t have to be the first sentence but you should do it pretty early on but I’ve also thrown in these details so in the first one I talked about thunder and lightning assuring in the first appearance of the witches that’s literally the first stage direction man in Macbeth that’s something specific I talked about the yellow spectacles on TJ eckleburg it’s just that detail of saying that they’re yellow shows that I have read the book that I know what I’m talking about and that I didn’t just sparknotes something that is known to be a prominent symbol in the story so at anytime you can put in those little adjectives or those little things those little bits that you remember the better just general rule of thumb for all of these so you can do a striking image just paint a picture and then from there you can start developing your idea okay number three is to start off talking about the main message no matter what the prompt is for the APSA even if it’s not overtly stated what the AP graders are looking for is the main message and how different elements of the story or poem contribute to that overall message or meaning of the work so in the case of the prompt that I gave you there was no mention of the overall meaning but it did use words like significance and things like that so just assume that no matter what sort of essay you’re writing the main message is key so a way that you might want to begin with the main message I’m gonna use to kill a mockingbird for this one is this this one’s not my snazziest but forgive me it was sort of early this morning all right tequila Mockingbird by Harper Lee taught me to walk around in someone’s shoes before judging them as Atticus does with Tom Robinson so just not to recap everything I’ve talked about so far but you’ll notice that all of these cut to the chase there is no throat-clearing generality there is just talking about something that is specific and relevant to the book so walking around in somebody’s shoes before judging them that is a paraphrase of a really important quotation from tequila Mockingbird number four number four is kind of fun and you don’t want to get so caught up in this that you spend a lot of time developing this opening but if you just spend a couple of sentences it can be a really effective and fun way to begin your essay and that is the movie trailer turn Ameen I’m gonna use Lord of the Flies as an example for this one every book every good book should have several major turning points and those turning points are going to be important in your open question essay no matter what the prompt is you’ll need to know some of those major shifts in the narratives so in Lord of the Flies of course a couple of those major stuffs probably come to mind the first one that came to my mind as I was thinking about it was the well okay just spoilers you have not read Lord of the Flies please click away because I’m about to spoil something really huge but I assume that a lot of you have read this book because you’re an AP literature and you’ve gone through all of your high school curriculum which very often includes this the turning point that came to my mind was the death of Simon it’s the first murder that the boys commit and it’s really shocking and dreadful so with this idea of a movie trailer turn it’s kind of like that striking image you’re setting the scene of that turning point and elaborating from there using that as your launching off point to talk about whatever the prompt actually is so my opening that I created for that was this death is usually hideous not attended by starlight creatures and transformed into a work of art done then I would go on to talk about Lord of the Flies and the importance of the death of Simon and how it’s the first of several parallel scenes where the boys try to hunt the Beast and it gets increasingly increasingly worse so you can be you can be kind of dramatic what you don’t want to do is say something like since the beginning of time love there’s been a theme that’s boring mine is more specific even though I’m talking about these big ideas the idea of death being portrayed as hideous or as beautiful I mentioned the Starlite creatures transformed into a work of art the description of Simon’s corpse is just that that we have these moon how did that as the photo they put in moonlight bodies of the creatures that come around and as the waves come up and bring the sand over his body it’s described as Simon becoming almost like a marble statue so anyway you can use that movie trailer voice but don’t go so far out in the stratosphere that you are neglecting to say something specific that pertains to book last and not least number five number five is really if you are stuck and you’re not quite sure what to do this is a an almost foolproof way to get somebody’s attention it’s a bit of a cheap trick but it can be really effective if the rest of your essay starts making really great points and that is just choosing one word just starting with a fragment one word normally I’m against fragments but if you do it artistically there can be a place for it so I’m going to use heart of darkness as the book for this example the one word is this broken in Conrad’s heart of darkness everything is broken Marlow needs ribbons for the ships a shed burns cliffs are blasted apart Kurtz’s broken mind is the heart of darkness so we have a lot of drama there but we also start things off with a specific bang a specific hook so hopefully those were helpful for you obviously there are many other ways to begin an essay effectively but since I got so many questions about this before I wanted to create a video just for you guys and if you know of any other tricks to start an AP literature essay effectively put those in the comments below I’m sure that the entire community would benefit from hearing about those if you liked this video like it and make sure to subscribe for more content like this alright I’ll see you on Monday good luck on the AP exam bye

How to do the MY PLACE ESSAY Pre-Writing Exercise

How to do the MY PLACE ESSAY Pre-Writing Exercise

ok so here we got here we are guys we’re in the we’ve logged into canvas and we’re looking at today’s agenda in the announcements section and i’m recording this screencast so that everybody knows how to get to work on this without feeling like they just have a ton of stuff to read but if you ever get lost you can always go back to read those instructions so here what we’re going to do is go get we’ve already done the do now we’re coming down here the agenda we’re going to click on the my place assignment that’s going to open up this tab right here so in my place i’m going to put this video right after these steps when i’m done with it but here are all the steps i’m just going to walk i’m going to let you watch me go through all of these steps save time we’re going to skip reading step number one the story about place and imagery by jennifer new but later when you’re writing you might want to come back and read this we’re going to skip down to step 3 where we open google drive and find the my place essays folder it’s going to look a little different on my screen but when i go to Google Drive I’ve got my drive and shared with me now if you’ve given me your email address shared with me should have a folder that’s named my price essays if I were you I’d cook the star button right next to the my place essays but then i’d also drag my place to my drive like this i’m going to cancel that so if you don’t see that i probably don’t have your email address correct because you probably didn’t enter it correctly on that particular document you might want to email it to me right now so i can fix that so if i don’t have your email address i can’t share this folder with you okay so i’m going to move on now that you know that you need to make sure that if you don’t see my place send me your email address so i will make sure to share with you okay so i’m in google drive and i’m in the my place folder now the next step is to click the Create button and write each of the five senses down okay that’s enough I’m going to come back over here I’m going to click the red create button I’m going to create a document I’m going to create and share and this way it’s automatically shared with the teacher and your fellow students first thing we do whenever we create a document is rename it we will always rename it with our own name and the name of the assignment there did you hear what I had to say for blended day ok just watch on watch on Eric screen Eric and my place boom now when other people go looking for my essay they only have to see that it’s my name and that which assignment it is so I’m going to be a good boy and type my name the class the code which is 1304 this class is I’d make this video the teacher it’s just so happens to be myself and the day the beautiful Valentine’s Day 2013 now name of the assignment my place SI so later i’m going to come back with a creative title i’m going to put it right there but for right now I’m just going to style it so that it looks like a title big bold and centered I’ll replace this later when I hit return it goes back to normal text i’m ready to start writing so i’m going to write the five seconds since its taste sight smell touch sound okay now just so that i know that these are headers as i organized my writing i’m going to make these heading number three there i’m going to delete these later once I reorganizing it my writing done but I’m going to think about the tastes for my special place now for a my place SE I need something else up here just to guide my thinking I’ll delete it later but my focus is a particular place the creek where at my grandparents when I was a boy okay and when I think about taste I’m going to use a bullet list here just if I like to stay really organized I remember let’s see it at the creek or tastes damn well hopefully not too many because it was just a tiny little muddy creek but I do remember the mineral taste of the water I remember the nutty bar that I you stole off the top of the fridge and so forth I’m going to open a new tab here and skip hopefully if I could pick the right one down to 1 i’ve already completed so that’s the wrong example let’s pick this one this one works that’s the wrong example let me just go real bad real fast back oh I’m going to find this right document my place yep I’m going to find mine there it is that’s what I’m looking for you’ve dug your imagery activity should start to look a bit a little bit like this document this is there anyone loads anytime soon okay so I’ve got touch I’ve got taste I’ve got smell sight sound let me point out what I’ve done to make all these colors happen so these are in a little bit different order so in touch i’ve got the feel of the tall grass I’ve got the cool water slick moss pinch of a crawdad cloth so forth and so on what I want to do after I filled out each of the five senses with different things that I recognize about my special place the creek at my grandparents house is to come through and look for themes ok so the tall grass I’m going to highlight with the highlight tool green and I’m going to look for other things that talk about like the plants or the grass around the bank well the slick moss is growing in the water but that’s the plant it’s green so I’ll make that green too and the sharp tang of a stalk of grass I tasted that when I cheat on a piece of grass and then the pungent aroma of rotting leaves and the water under the bridge yeah I remember that smell it’s not grasp but grass is so grasses and leaves are similar so I’ll make that green too and then I talked about how I see the moss flowing in the current underwater so there’s our my green things from all my senses I didn’t have a sound of anything about the plants but maybe your story does I repeated this idea with another theme so next idea was cool water flowing over my bare feet since waters blue I decided it’d be fun to make it blue too then I went looking for other things like that and even with in touch i felt like i had the idea of these rocks in the water itself so i’m basically describing the properties of the creek itself and taste i had the minerals in the creek water so like how the water tasted had to do with the really microscopic minerals buried inside you know floating inside the water and then way down here and sound i could hear the sound of the water that flowed over the rocks so here are all the things that have to do with water now i’m going to skip ahead i took all the green things and i copied and pasted them together this is what I ended up with the feel of the tall grass near the bank the slick moss growing up growing on a rock in the creek the sharp tang of a stock of grass as I chew it to a pull the pungent aroma of rotting leaves and the water under the bridge the waving moss flowing in the current underwater and it sounds really poetic but all I did was focus on each of my senses and after I got done with five for each one I kind of cheated here I did three but I need five four touch I went through and I sorted them out like i color-coded them so i could organize them more easily and after i organized them it sounds like a poem but i don’t want it to sound like a poem that’s where editing is going to come in however it’s much more clear to me now that i’ve done some prewriting that how i could organize this into a paragraph so that’s the next step and that is how you get started on this imagery exercise taking you all the way through step 4 now it’s up to you to take all of your take all your coding and maybe you want to use ones at two is not greens and blues but take all the things labeled 1 and use them to draft a paragraph about theme same thing with all your twos threes and so forth you may notice some details need to be left out and that’s okay in fact it’s good if you do leave some behind because you’re sacrificing the better ideas for the best ideas now take a look at your separate paragraphs and how they fit together after you’ve done some editing talk with a partner about the about your place and let them read your paragraphs you can do this in google docs really easily what order should they go in do you need intro how about a conclusion what about a transition or abridging or bridging language to get from one paragraph to the next and that should get you down to step 7 you guys the whole point of this is for us to develop imagery and tone and to recognize that we are in charge of our authors choice when and what to include and what to leave out we’re going to leave these sorts of comments for each other when we peer at it later that does it for this tutorial

Black Friday Cbd Oil Coupons Tips

Black Friday Cbd Oil Coupons Tips

Tasty Hemp Oil provides a whole lot of merchandise with affordable price and higher quality. Our premium quality hemp CBD oil has each one of the beneficial compounds with ZERO THC.https://med-marijuana.net/ It’s also oil soluble, and that means you can use it in order to make your very own topical body oils. CBD oil can be found in various strengths and is employed in a variety of ways. It might be utilized in diverse approaches and has a number of applications for natural wellbeing. It gets the capacity to decrease morphine and heroin dependence. CBD vape oil is made of non-psychoactive hemp containing THC.

As you might be aware, in regards to CBD, we don’t think you ought to have to pick between no more than one brand of CBD Oil or even 1 sort of CBD product. CBD is encouraged for management of a specific sort of seizures. CBD, on the flip side, has a more complicated effect. Needless to say, as soon as you’re planning to utilize CBD, it’s also a great idea to learn about its potential side effects.

You ought to use a particular Black Friday coupon code at the checkout page to get the discount on your purchase. You may also vote and comment on these coupons to enhance the shopping experience of different shoppers. These Coupon Codes and deals can subsequently be redeemed through the official site of tastyhempoil.com.

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The true deal here is not only because you can obtain any CBD goods in the on-line market, but more like having the capability to figure out which one’s are the very best legal picks for your well-being. More CBD Deals and Coupons CannaSaver also has coupon deals which are exclusively for medical clients, together with deals which are exclusively for recreational clients. A whole week of discounts and promotions to help YOU spend less on the CBD products which you need and need. You then need to observe the savings applied in your purchase summary.

Regardless of the hype, in-store sales have dropped over the past few years as shoppers realize they can acquire terrific deals from the comfort of their house. The purchase price isn’t different from water-soluble. You will always get the best price at tastyhempoil.com. There’s some value in shopping online as possible still become totally free shipping in addition to Koi CBD discount codes that aren’t offered in physical stores.

The effect of a single cap is forecast to last for 6-8 hours. Some individuals may encounter Medterra CBD side effects that may not end well. Even though the outcomes are modest, a lot of people have reported a substantial decrease in their symptoms. It’s possible to search test results by specific batch on their site.

The Insider Secrets for Hello World

The Insider Secrets for Hello World

You will carry on to let it operate since you stop by this next report. Nothing might have assisted them longer. Yes, in the event that you should be doing Math.

If you should be capable of going into the candidate name in the writing box and vote and comprehend that the vote count increment, you’ve successfully created your own first program! A mortal mistake will be received by you! Because of this, you could need to change between one and the other based http://likesite.xyz/website-list-62.html on which is not or working presently time.

How Long Does Cbd Stay in Your System Reviews & Tips

How Long Does Cbd Stay in Your System Reviews & Tips

What You Should Do to Find Out About How Long Does Cbd Stay in Your System Before You’re Left Behind

You should make certain you’re searching for high amounts of CBD (in milligrams) and products which are pure. Thus, CBD might actually begin to guard your brain with time. Let your physician know before you get started taking CBD, especially if you are afflicted with chronic illness and take medication. CBD does not result in any psychoactive effects, so it doesn’t the one thing to do for doctors near me bring about impairment. CBD affects everyone differently due to reasons like individual tolerance and the caliber of the item. If you would like to try out CBD for yourself, keep doing research and locate the suitable item. Every other day, individuals are devising new techniques of using CBD.

Normally, if you use CBD only rarely, it’s going to be rid of your system in under a week. In the majority of instances, nobody considers CBD a drug. CBD generally can take from a couple of minutes to a few hours to work properly, based on the dosage, the system of consumption and the symptom you need to combat. As time passes, CBD starts to function as a neuro protectant. Although CBD did not appear in their blood, it does not absolutely mean it couldn’t appear in a urine drug test. CBD does not offer a high feeling. The period of time CBD stays in your system is dependent on a range of factors.

CBD oil is well-known, but should you have digestive issues, for example, you might want to smoke CBD flower. In the majority of instances, hemp-derived CBD oil won’t be detected by means of a drug test. The essential thing is to effectively gauge precisely how much CBD oil it can take to get started managing your pain.

Ok, I Think I Understand How Long Does Cbd Stay in Your System, Now Tell Me About How Long Does Cbd Stay in Your System!

The essential thing is to only improve your dosage in tiny increments so you have the ability to pinpoint precisely how much CBD oil it requires to treat your affliction. In some instances, folks will take their very first dose of CBD and expect they will observe drastic results immediately. Thus, if you’re not exceeding your recommended daily dose of CBD, you ought to be ready to go.

Have a look at the section on whether CBD will appear on a drug test to find out more. Again, if you’re concerned about failing a drug test after taking full-spectrum CBD oil for a consistent time period, it is truly the trace THC metabolites that you almost certainly have to think about not CBD. Since drug tests are made to detect drugs that cause impairment, they often do not test for CBD, you will probably not need to take a CBD oil drug test (there are a few exceptions which we’ll speak about later). Overall, if you’re really concerned about a coming drug test, there are specific measures you may take to assist in improving your risk of passing even in the event that you’ve smoked weed or taken CBD as early as the day before the test.

While the question is easy and straightforward, the response to how long CBD oil stays in your system is a little more complex. You’re here in order to answer some questions regarding CBD (cannabidiol). It’s tough to provide a definitive response to the question how long does CBD oil remain in your system. Luckily, there’s a reply to their problems CBD-rich hemp oil solutions.