Abortion debate: Pro-life or pro-choice?

I know and welcome to the big fight issues that business going to be a big big factor out there as it always is it’s question of abortion pro-choice versus blue light not somehow that subject is never discussed or put onto into the headlines in quite the same manner here in India although it does affect so many so many people abortion or medical termination of pregnancy what is it at the law says what should happen what should not happen should a woman have the right to make the choice is there something divine about her that we should nobody should interfere with all of those are questions that really need to be discussed and debated and we’re gonna make a start right now in the course of this program I’d like to welcome on to the big fight nithya degrom on who’s joining us model and actor netra great that you could join us on the show we have with us Reverend Dominic Emanuel spokesperson at the Delhi Catholic Diocese it’s great to have you with us Sabu George is visiting senior fellow at the Center for Women’s Development Studies in New Delhi thanks so much for joining us dr. Minnesota is the head of department of the department of herbs and gynae at the max hospital in Gerdau thank you for being with us Moranis i eat kalbi rizvi islamic scholar and doctor pune to be the gynecologist and we have a large audience out here including many women who are going to be speaking out olfi rather rather strongly on on the subject before we go any further if i could perhaps just try and establish because there is a certain degree of confusion on this what exactly is it that the law actually says in india because the question of medical termination of pregnancy in India or abortion always somehow gets linked to sex determination and female feticide and you know the the fact that the sex ratio is getting so much worse under what circumstances is abortion legal in India I think it is a long history so you have to look at medical termination of pregnancy act first of all abortion is not legal in this country medical termination is and the subtle difference is in that just a question of semantics no it is it is it is much more clear than that medical termination obviously means only for medical reasons the termination can be and there’s no concept of pro-choice pro right or asking for over-the-counter abortions but since this law was made not as a pro right law but as a population Lobby law the population lobby used it in use the garb of MTP to do random abortions sometimes four sometimes coerced and the medical profession used it as a for a very very profitable business of female feticide so the confusion in under the circumstances in this law there is no three clauses there is no contention whatsoever one is in the woman’s life is in danger one is when the baby is likely to have unlikely to have any significant I mean any meaningful life that means is grossly abnormal and the third is when the pregnancy occurs out of rapists or abuse and that one can understand but they slipped in a clause saying that if when the doctor went as a amongst marital couple married couples for not for a single so as of today any unmarried woman getting abortion any vetoed woman any extramarital sex really know where pregnancy termination is completely and totally illegal actually if I could just ask you now so if I understand this correctly this is what it is it’s illegal for a woman by herself to to go in for an abortion when your doctor can really decide on it under the circumstances that he said which is life-threatening pregnancy pregnancy caused by rape chances of severe physical or mental abnormality abnormalities in the child which would prevent the child from having a meaningful life is that roughly yet and then with their pregnancy caused by contrast failure of contraceptive failure and grave mental grave injury to the mental health of the mother but you know if the mother says that I’m deeply disturbed by the fact that I’m a nice child huh that is enough for that is that is where law itself in sub-clause defines it as two conditions one is out of realities and then of course it can be loosely used to replicate the way you were other manual are these clauses to your mind systematically misused systematically but really aggressively misused and I’m very happy that this country does not have an abortion law because without that law imagine the disproportion of males and females we have in this country and imagine if that is ever introduced and legalized what would be the condition of our dear sisters and mothers and all those people so that is absolutely right that the country has no abortion law and I would strongly vote for not having another or introducing any other law in fact I had even objections to some of the clauses that are there and the church particularly is very clear the Catholic Church is very clear that life is always a gift of God and nobody nobody can interfere it so even in the conditions that we are talking about right now you still think there should be no medical termination of image there should be no medical termination horrible pregnancy but there is a slight twist on that not no medical termination but in case when the mother’s life is really in danger you’re not aborting the child the purpose is not to abort the child the purpose is to save the mother they try to become to you the law as it stands right now does it give enough choice in your view I think it absolutely gives no choice in our view it gives you loopholes India unfortunately is becoming a country more and more of loopholes whereas if they were not archaic laws and you could actually see that you need to be pro-choice it’s a woman’s body a woman should have the right to decide what she can or she cannot do with her body I believe a person should have the right to decide but that’s a separate issue altogether but the woman should be given the right to decide what she can or cannot do with her body this is the one law as a woman I’m talking right now if I was not ready to have a child and I’m being forced to have that child because the law doesn’t allow it or you know you’re wondering if I’m going to be okay with myself a spiritually okay myself for not having the child believe me it’s causing me grave psychological trouble at that point considering you have to have the child you have to bring up the child it’s a choice a person needs to make and it’s an educated choice a person needs to me I never understand and I never agree about this issue of choice and a woman has a right over her body well you might have a right over your body have I ever seen a woman cutting her hand because she has a right over her body or piercing or your eyes or ears because she has a right over our body so she this is not your this is your talking about another life you’re not talking about part of your body there is another life they’ll let me deal with my spiritual side and let me answer to my god no no that’s where everybody can start answering to their God and you can start murdering people and say I will deal with my god and murder is allowed and everybody can what I’m happening where you stand on this become we need a liberal abortion law in our country fundamental is like our Holy Father against the rights of women to about unfortunately as beneath has said we don’t have a liberal law we need a liberal law and more importantly we need accountability today MTP practically most states don’t even register clinics or if they register very few moroseness registered large number of clinics unfortunately what maraj the government today is trying to recommend the government of India East is trying to restrict abortion on the pretext of sex selection female fetus that’s actually perfectly true isn’t it if they are restricting the number of clinics it’s also because on some estimates 500,000 no female fetuses are aborted purely on sex determination grounds no it’s not this is not being misused but what I’m saying is that the misuse is much larger than sex selection you know in terms of for a significant section of the medical profession they start their career by doing abortions so we are not against abortions but what I’m saying is we want regulation of abortions okay Madonna generally my father who support karoonga to llegar move your father a key but Karina Toto karinjini but factory hey Keisha diva jib nahi shaadi karne ki baat similar in Ivanovitch eBay Humber Chickasaw bulk up carton shoddy who j’tia not necessarily but well I understand me but Korean ghetto naturally marriage Chabad but cheeky but carrying a gun peer kabocha paida karne ki baat nahi Karenga normally I got general may abdicate oh okay generally in the aapke program de cría father Joe became a bill cool support curtain QK hissy shock ski Azadi comma Club yen in a cave opening he become a galley EFS la pocha pod ivanovitch akima bonnie kapa haka satire que muchas me janessa here Lessman eternity jalaja baba temple suhaka ki duniya me subsea doc mt in sonken-san who nahi Oregon in San Kumar Novalis Kia Optima he 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Writing a Real College Essay: Part 1 — The Assignment

in the next few videos I’m going to walk you through the process of writing a real college essay and when I say Weill I mean that it’s an actual essay assignment from an actual college course that is not taught by me and is not one of my classes in fact the assignment was for a communications class at a Canadian Community College program for graphic arts students I have the actual text of the assignment as well as an email exchange between the instructor and a student regarding the assignment topic in this video I’m going to show you the assignment and this exchange because it highlights a lot of the essay writing principles that we’ve been talking about in subsequent videos I’ll take over and walk through the process of researching outlining and writing a complete draft of this essay we have our Scrivener document open with our essay writing template all set up if this is your first exposure to this template I recommend going back and watching the two previous videos in the series that introduced this template now let’s open up the preliminary folder I’ve got a text document called the assignment which has a number of sub documents I’m using this to organize all the information we have about the assignment and any communications we might have about the assignment here’s the opening paragraph under rationale in your academic and professional career sound research and analytical skills will be required regardless of your program of study or employment situation the effective use of the resources available to you will be critical as will the skills involved in expressing your ideas in a clear accurate and organized fashion so this is just trying to explain why essay writing skills might be relevant to students pursuing a career in the visual arts now let’s look at the assignment wording write a four to five page research essay exploring a topic related to the field of animation illustration or design studies focus on a topic on which differing opinions can be held refer to the list of suggested topics for some ideas you must have your topic approved before you begin your goal is to provide your reader with both a general overview and your own informed assessment of the topic or issue so first off we know how long our essays supposed to be four to five pages is anywhere between a thousand and thirteen hundred words if we use the standard convention that a single double-spaced page with one-inch margins and a 12-point font like Times Roman has 250 words on it so in terms of length this is similar to the dream essay that I walked you through in the previous video and second we know that we’re being asked to write an argumentative or persuasive essay even though the assignment doesn’t use this wording explicitly the key is in the instructions to focus on a topic on which differing opinions can be held and to provide your own informed assessment of the topic the essay has to be on an issue on which there is some disagreement and for which reasons can be offered for against a particular stance on the issue and what you’re required to do is present and defend a particular stance on the issue that’s going to be your thesis statement and third we know that we’re gonna need to do some research and cite some sources in the essay since it’s called a research essay and under basic requirements here we’re told that we need a minimum of four significant sources we’re going to have to include copies of these resources in the final draft this reference to the GA s style guide is the term this institution uses for general art style guide there’s a style document that we’ll take a look at later but it’s basically APA style guidelines the APA stands for American Psychological Association if you want to learn more about different citation styles I have a separate unit in this course on how to cite sources and avoid plagiarism where I talk about APA style guidelines so that’s the final product that we need to deliver but this assignment is for a communications class where part of the goal of the class is to help teach students how to approach assignments like this so this assignment includes a lot of what educators like to call scaffolding lots of guidance on intermediate steps that are required to complete the assignment so if you’re in this class you’d be spending a good deal of class time working on the essay this instructor has added some intermediate deadlines that break down the writing process part one involves researching identifying sources and writing a detailed outline and this needs to be submitted three weeks in advance of part two which is the final essay due date now let’s look at what the instructor has included under suggested topics the following suggestions may lead you to an interesting topic for your essay consider doing some preliminary investigation of one of the following ideas and a bunch of ideas are listed below but first notice this line once you have selected a broad subject of interest to you you should begin the process of narrowing the focus to determine your essay topic remember that your topic must be approved by your professor before you proceed with your research so what the student actually has to do first before getting to the outline phase is they need to do some preliminary browsing and select a broad topic area and then specify a narrower issue within that broader topic and submit that to the instructor for approval this is actually a good thing and we’ll see why in a minute now here’s a list of suggested topics and you can see they cover quite a range but they’re all in areas related to art and design in some way you can see how the broad topic narrow topic distinction is being drawn culture and lifestyle is the broad topic graffiti or body art would be the narrower topic influence of Canadian artists is a broad topic the influence of Emily Carr or Robert Bateman would be the narrow topic now let me show you an actual student proposal for their research topic submitted to the instructor for feedback students were asked to identify a broad topic and narrow topic and a working thesis statement the student chose job prospects for fine art students after graduation as the broad topic for the narrowed topic the student wrote how many fine art students actually get work in their field and here’s what they wrote as a working thesis statement find our students often struggle with finding employment in their field immediately after graduating and end up giving up and pursuing something else because they underestimate how much time it takes to become successful and productive in that field students need to realize that learning is a lifelong process and the skills they acquire can be applied to things not immediately evident in traditional University offerings now I said that submitting this kind of proposal for review it’s often a good thing and here’s why if there’s a structural problem with your vision of the essay at this beginning stage it’s much better to catch it now at the outset than to discover it farther down the line after you’ve invested a lot of time on an essay that is structurally unsound so student submits this to the instructor here’s the instructors feedback these statements fine arts students often struggle with finding employment in their field and students need to realize that learning is lifelong process our more factual than arguable in other words I don’t think there is a school of thought that fine art students do not struggle or that students do not need to realize that learning is a lifelong process if you don’t have a point of view to support you don’t have the basis for a persuasive essay now the instructor is using the terms factual and arguable in somewhat odd ways but from a clarification it’s clear what’s intended to call a claim factual is to say that there is general agreement that the claim is true that it’s an agreed fact and by arguable the instructor means that there’s room for disagreement about the claim so the feedback that the instructor is giving this student is that in this proposal they haven’t identified an issue that anyone would disagree with and that this is a problem because an essential feature of a persuasive essay is that you need to identify an issue about which reasonable people might disagree so that there’s a reason for offering arguments in favor of one side or the other the instructor gears one more piece of feedback it’s not clear what you mean by skills they acquire it can be applied to things not immediately evident in traditional university offerings are you saying that the skills learned in the university program are transferable well this would be factual as well so here the instructor is asking the student to clarify this statement and that if all it means is that the skills learned in university programs can be transferred to other kinds of work this is obviously true as well I actually don’t think that this is what the students getting add but the point is that it’s unclear now as a student I might be discouraged to get this kind of feedback but I should also be thankful because it really is helpful and why is it helpful because it’s feedback about a fundamental structural issue not an issue of style not wording or spelling or formatting its feedback about what’s required for any good argumentative or persuasive essay that minimally you need to have something to argue about something to take sides on I know it’s obvious when you put it this way but this example just illustrates that for many students it’s not obvious not unless they’ve done some argumentative writing in the past and are familiar with the conventions of this form of essay writing in the next video I’m going to show you how the essay topic was revised and the results of some preliminary research

Interview with McGill University: Thesis and non-thesis master’s degrees

very happy to be here to clarify what McGill considers to be non thesis masters and thesis masters I’m Josefina back at Lu I’ve been Dean of graduate of postdoctoral studies so all graduate students are under me if you want to look at it that way we have over 11,000 graduate students both at the Masters level and at the doctoral level think about the master’s programs that students can participate in in universities there are usually two different types and they’re called different things in different countries so I’ll just give you a little bit of vocabulary at McGill we call our masters non-thesis or theses that’s pretty self-evident in the UK these are called top masters which means just courses or research masters in the UK was mainly masters for many many years but they’ve started doing research masters in the u.s. they’re called course work based masters so what differentiates them is that in one case it’s there’s a lot of research and in the other case it’s mainly coursework so students take lots of courses and they’re developing expertise so they’re developing really a lot of breadth in their field the course has covered many many different aspects of their field and they’re usually credit based you know anywhere between 30 credits for 45 credits in the research master’s there are many fewer courses at McGill it can vary between three courses to 6 or 7 courses because the bulk of the time is spent doing research and producing the visas there are other aspects that are different between the two so if a student is doing research they’re working very closely with a supervisor and they’re producing simple questions so they’re going in depth about a question that really interests them and putting their own stamp on the discovery process in the coursework base masters the non thesis there is no thesis but the student can choose to do a research project nevertheless so it’s a smaller project they still work for the supervisor but it’s the amount of work that’s required is much less in terms of the research aspect of it basically they have to know what they want as a career but how they see themselves so if they want to do a lot of research they’re very inquisitive they want to explore their own ideas they want to do research and development that the expertise that they get in the research master’s in the thesis masters will provide them the skills necessary for going onto either research and development career or an academic career because the research master’s the thesis master’s prepares them for a doctoral degree or PhD whereas if they want to have just more knowledge about a specific field which is the course based masters they’re not thesis masters they can apply that knowledge directly but they’re not really undertaking any research questions in their job student really has to know what they want and what their skills are because the one thing that we haven’t discussed yet about the two masters is that doing a research master’s thesis master’s means that the student also likes to read a lot and write a lot because producing that thesis requires a lot of writing and a lot of good writing so if a student just cannot see themselves sitting in front of a computer writing pages and pages but as a thesis is about 60 to 70 pages whereas the project report is probably 20 pages very straightforward and very dry prose let’s say it’s not the same for the master’s thesis so the student has to know what they’re good at if they think that they really need to go into depth about a subject then it’s the research master’s if they want to know a lot about a subject the breadth of it then it’s a non thesis masters at McGill we have many different types of programs in many different departments some departments insist on having a project others don’t and some departments might have masters non-thesis with project and a master’s non-thesis without project so we have a lot of flexibility and the student has to just go through the curriculum for each department and choose what is most appropriate for that I would recommend with project because if you’re going to the University and you’re doing a master’s you want to get a sense of what doing research is so you’re still working with a supervisor and advisers are you’re getting that expert advice from a McGill professor and you’re trying out your ideas and I think that’s worth law it can do couple types of projects if we think about it a lot of times the supervisor might put the non thesis master student with for example a doctoral student so the non thesis master student might develop a new method in conjunction with the doctoral student to help them in their project they can test a new assay for the professor’s laboratory they can do field studies and in some of our non thesis masters we also have internships which means that the project is really carried out outside of the guild those are more difficult to have with industrial partners but we can have a few of those available every year a student who’s doing an internship for with an industrial partner for example that partner could be identified through the university or it might be an industrial company that the student already knows and is aware of so then the university would have to validate the work that’s going to be done in that company because at the end of the project there’s still a report that’s written so and it’s Magill the professor who’s going to be grading that report and assessing that report so if the student is going to an internship the framework is set at the beginning and what they’re going to accomplish and what their goals are so McGill will be involved in helping the student set up that internship whether it’s done directly through McGill or through the student if we look at what employers want in a student I think a lot of them are really focusing on students who are motivated and students who have the dry and who have the persistence so in both cases whether they’re doing a master’s non thesis or masters with thesis the persistence is there right someone has a goal spends the time and achieves the goal so that’s the basic asset that having a master’s gives you for the employer it means that the student can take on a project and accomplish it successfully with the depends on again where the employer’s goals are if they’re not very research oriented they just want someone who knows the field who knows the literature has acquired the knowledge through the courses I can apply that knowledge so I think there’s no question that both of them are useful I don’t think the non-thesis masters is valued any less than a thesis masters they just lead to different types of careers and that’s why the student has to really think about what they want to do in life whereas if it’s a company that doesn’t do much research and development but they want to implement what other people have produced in the field so they want someone who has the knowledge who can go and read the literature knows how to implement solutions developed by others so that would be more master’s non-thesis so they won’t have values and it really depends on what the industrial employer demands you know when you think about the decision that the students gonna make some of them despite everything that we say you know think reflect think some more trying to decide what you want to do in your life it’s very hard sometimes to plan 10 15 20 years ahead and most students want to leave all doors open so if they’re gonna do a master should they be doing at thesis masters in case they want to do a doctoral degree a PhD or should they be doing a non thesis masses and but does that closed all doors to them and I love the view that doing either of the masters will open doors for the doctoral program and we’ve had that instance at McGill where if you’ve got an emphasis masters that you will be considered favorably for a doctoral program because it means that you’ve done all the theoretical background to your degree you’ll almost have a head start in terms of the courses because we discussed whether the courses are the same in both and a lot of times the courses are the same but in the research masters you also learn more theoretical courses about methodology analysis writing skills so that’s what’s really promoted in the thesis masters and that’s what you’re probably the student who’s doing and our thesis is lacking but they can acquire that during the first year of the doctoral more dr. period the PhD so both of these masters can lead to PhD there’s no question in my mind this is really a major decision for your career I would recommend that a student think about it we have something that we’re developing at McGill called the individual development plan and what we’re trying to tell all students is to take time to take time to think to reflect on what is important for them what their values are and where they want to direct their efforts in their career so a student should really know what they want to do in the career what we’re trying to say is that it shouldn’t just be default you know I finished my bachelor as well I don’t know what I’m gonna do let me just sign up for a master’s that’s not the right way of approaching this because you should be choosing something that is of interest to you and that you’re going to be passionate about and that’s what’s gonna make you differentiate amongst your peers towards those employers because they’ll see that you’ve thought about what you wanted to do and that’s why you’ve taken a master’s degree